Insiza District establishes resource monitors

The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) has set up environmental sub-committees at ward level in Insiza District.

The overall role of the sub-committee structures is to monitor the exploitation of natural resources and promote sustainable use of the environment in the District. 

Insiza is one of the country’s largest mining Districts with vast gold deposits hence the high level of environmental degradation. 

Artisanal and small-scale mining activities are rampant in the District as many vulnerable villagers who were mainly dependent on subsistence agriculture are been forced into some gold mining activities as a source of income. 

Mining activities usually involve disruptions to the natural ecosystem hence the need for ardent environmental stewardship. 

Environmental sub-committees in Insiza are set to play a key role in addressing issues that are incidental to mining such as sand abstraction, timber logging, and the use of harmful chemicals such as mercury.

In addition, the committees will look into the harvesting of mopane worms that has had an adverse impact on the environment.

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