Who we are

Habakkuk Trust is a Christian advocacy organization that was formed in August 2000 and subsequently registered as a trust.

2019 – 2023 Strategic Goal

To contribute to an informed and active citizenship that promotes peaceful co-existence and accountable governance.



To see an informed, empowered and transformed society

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To influence the biblical transformation of communities through advocay, research, information dissemination and capacity building.

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What we do

Our goal is to contribute to an informed and active citizenship that promotes peaceful co-existence and accountable governance. We do this through the following programmes.

Advocacy & Information Dissemination

We speak for those who cannot speak for themselves. We disseminate information to assist communities to make informed decisions and inform our stakeholders about our advocacy actions.

Peace building

We conduct peacebuilding initiatives to promote peaceful co-existence and development in communities.


We do short term and long term election monitoring and conduct periodic voter education


We conduct research and gather facts on key issues to enhance our advocacy efforts.

Youth Programmes

We empower young people to actively participate in decision making and development processes in their areas.

Capacity Building

We build the capacity of communities to advocate on issues affecting them.



Stay in touch with Habakkuk Trust is up to and other important updates you need to know.

Communities partner with police to fight crime

Villagers in Bubi wards 1 and 12 are living in fear as incidences of violent crime continue to soar. Illicit artisanal mining activities in the District have been identified as one of the key drivers of crime in the area. The issue of crime was identified as a development concern…

Community engages DDC on disability inclusion

Community members in Bubi Ward 12 have engaged the District Development Coordinator on the inclusion of people with disabilities in development and decision making structures.  The exclusion of people with disabilities in community processes is one of the advocacy issues which the Habakkuk Trust Community Advocacy Action Team is working…

Flood victims narrate their ordeal

Habakkuk Trust recently visited Bulilima families who lost their property and shelter after their homes collapsed due to heavy rains. Twelve families living close to Ngwala Dam in Bulilima Ward 8 were left stranded following a lengthy spell of heavy rains which hit the District and resulted in the collapse of…

Residents engage council on refuse collection 

Refuse collection has emerged as an issue of concern in Bulawayo, a city that was once perceived as the cleanest in the country. Heaps of solid waste have sprung all over the City.  Habakkuk Trust Community Advocates in Mpopoma suburb have since approached the City Council over failed adherence to…

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